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Soc. project
"Future is real"


Child support project

Social project
"Future is real!"

Nonprofit organization of the Vologda region deals with supporting of families with disabled people. At the moment there were registered 34 families with special needs children. They are provided with learning programs developed by psychologists, special education teachers and speech pathologists. Besides, the organizational employees deal with parents support, because when parents are delved in their children's problems, they often don't take care of themselves. The project called "5 minutes of beauty" gives a chance for female parents to have free services of hair stylists and cosmetologists. The center is fitted with the creative workshop where children occupy themselves with sculpturing and mini exercise room with sensory integration.

32 children who are currently visiting the center on a regular basis, are free to use exercise room, psychologist/ special education teacher's office, creative workshop (for sculpturing, painting, sand playing), sensory room for psychological reliefing of children and their parents, cook-room for having meals and social integration exercising. 72 families have been already registered to visit the center in 2019.

Another key aspect of social integration of special needs teenagers is a self-training apartment, where children may how to achieve adulthood behavior, social integration and reinforce their skills of theirself-service and family support. This project is very cost demanding, but we keep on working on it and believing in its success.

Our story tells us that one should not give up and fall into despondency. It is worth believing in yourself, for those close to you, hoping for the best and being open to the world. 



«We have been preparing for this experiment for a long time, I visited the United States of America for work experience and brought the method of "8 supporting strategies" from there».


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