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Child support social project

If not us, then who?

The story of our family-type children's home dates back to 2003. The main goal was not only to establish a children's home, but also to originate a real HOME for children without parental support. Our family usually counts about 15 children and we live a simple life: study, play and have rest. We pay great attention to after school hours: our children are glad to study the vocalism, take lessons of dancing, karate, chess and take part in Nativity plays. We travel on a regular basis and spend vacations on the seaside.

Training the moral and spiritual backbone of children may change their life values, motivation and behavior. This task is only in family's power. Each family is like a tower of love and confidence and it helps children to adopt the most difficult and comprehensive generational experience and provides support and confidence in their past, present and future. Using the upbringing experience of centuries a family can secure generational continuity and make children raised to be good persons, right-minded citizens and family members.

Home-focused life arrangement principle helps enabling children to naturally adopt functional roles within a family. Family-focused life style is very important to eliminate typical dormitory pattern adopted by foster-children, who treat each piece or item as something common, not belonging to anyone. Homegrown children acquire their own proprietary spirit - this is my belonging, my family's belonging, I have to take care of it and mind it.

Family upbringing may compensate not only life-long inhabitance of children against difficult background, but also children suffering from informational and emotional shortage. These children had been living without lively colors, love, smiley warmth, infantine pastimes, book reading and many other things. Family upbringing will fuel rich, vast and clear environment for each child.


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