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Soc. project


House of


Social project for supporting people in challenging situations

Assistance to people of
no fixed abode

The story of the House of Mercy began one winter day in 2009. Sergey Mefodievich, our general manager, found three sad hungry frost-bitten homeless people at his door. That was exactly the moment of generating a new idea - to rent an accommodation for these people to save them from starvation death. A while ago a small three-bedroom apartment became a temporary housing for 18 people. And there arose another problem - neighbors were not very happy with them due to their asociality. This made Sergey Mefodievich sponsor a separate accommodation, the House, sharing some part of the company's area and facilities. There were built some new bulks and infrastructure.

At the present time the House of Mercy may accommodate up to 80 people. Each inhabitant of the House is a person of thorny destiny, many of them are ill or undocumented, and some of them have lost their memory. These people are provided with abode, meals, basic medical services and assisted documents reissuance. Those people who want to hold some job are welcome, and by now about 10 of the inhabitants help the staff members to look after the House. Each year there are more and yet more people who are avid for it...


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