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Hockey is our favorite sport

As we do not live by metal alone...

"Nord Steel" hockey team was formed in 2015 upon an initiative of Cherepovets hockey senior masters, who wised to create the strong team capable of claiming the national tournaments of masters (players aged forty plus) and firstly the main Russian hockey enthusiasts event - Night Hockey League (NHL) held in Sochi.

This initiative was encouraged by the general manager of Nord Steel company, Sergey Mefodievich Terekhov, who has become the main and so far sole sponsor of the team.

Starting from the first season held in 2015-2016 "Nord Steel" hockey team successfully tried out for the qualifying tournament held in the Vologda region. As being a clear winner the team took part in the fifth NHL Sochi-2016 Festival among the best enthusiast hockey teams from every corner of Russia, where it went up against leading teams belonging to the Russian hockey stratosphere from Kazan, Saint-Petersburg and Chelyabinsk. Finally "Nord Steel" hockey team ranked 6th among 32 participants.



The seasons held in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 have again shown our team as the best one among enthusiast hockey teams of the Vologda region and represented the interests of it at NHL Sochi-2017 and Sochi-2018 Festivals, where placed high each time.


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